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You All Carburetor

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You All is a model member unit of national carburetor Industry Association and China internal combustion engine industry association . At present, we have two production bases in Fujian friendly power carburetor Co., Ltd.



The company has an annual output of 16 million sets of motorcycle carburetor, carburetor gasoline engine, EFI system capacity, equipment: Japan OVAL company developed a comprehensive flow experiment table, the Sino Japanese joint venture Shenyang Shinco comprehensive experimental platform, small flow oil flow detection Taiwan, carburetor case P/M point automatic detection of Taiwan, Japan, and the Japanese Onokazu dynamometer Mitutoyo, Accretech, Japan, Taiwan and other series of small flow measurement measuring instruments and testing equipment.


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Youli was established in June 1996, and it is a model member unit of National Association of Carburetor Industry, China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association and China Carburetor Standard Formulation Committee. At present, the company has two production bases: Fujian Youli Carburetor Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Youjia Trade Co., ltd. The company is the first-line manufacturer of motorcycle and general gasoline carburetors in China.