01 Constantly Developing Youli Carburetor Factory Fujian province carburetor Co., Ltd.

In Fuding Youli Carburetor Factory in Fujian province, you will not see large-scale modern workshop, but the orderly production and management procedures, advanced and complete equipments, the dedication and enterprising style of enterprise leaders and staff are quite impressive. It is the spirit of leaders and staff that empowered 7-year old Youli to transform from a follower to a leader in the local carburetor industry, and further develop toward more standardized and large-scale direction.

02 Establish Brand and Focus on Quality Fujian province carburetor Co., Ltd.

Fuding City is an important production base of the carburetor in China; since the late 1980s, carburetor industry started to develop and now the carburetor enterprises can be seen everywhere. Youli could come out on top among so many carburetor enterprises because of its consistent policy of "establishing brand and focusing on quality". Starting from the foundation of this enterprise, Youli regarded the product brand as an important part of enterprise development, Youli had devoted a lot of effort to create and nurture the brand for many years. After suffering from the hardships of marketing,Youli registered a trademark “ ” in the State Trademark Bureau, and laid a good foundation for the brand development of the enterprise. The continued development of the brand is closely related to the quality of the products. At the beginning of enterprise foundation, Youli sent its products to be tested by the most authoritative national carburetor quality inspection institution - Tianjin Motorcycle Internal Combustion Engine Research Institute. Youli followed high standards in the production of the products, and this quality awareness had run through the whole development process of Youli. In recent years, Youli invested heavily to introduce advanced manufacture and testing equipments from Japan, to improve the enterprise automation level, minimize the impact of human factors on the production process, and pursue the quality consistency of products processing. Due to the high quality awareness, Youli products passed the product testing of all level of quality inspection departments in China and Fujian province all these years, and the low and medium displacement series of carburetor products for Jialing, Jincheng, Honda and Haomai, are in short supply in the market.

03 Promote Enterprise's Second Entrepreneurship Quality excellence for survival

Sustained development and vigorous vitality are the goals pursued by every enterprise. After the rapid development at the early stage, Youli has ushered in a new stage of development through the introduction of talents and standardized management.

Youli started late, but the leaders of enterprise had a strong awareness of introducing talent with high salary. Over the years, Youli insisted on dual ways for talent development.

It continuously cultivated internal staff to create a sound marketing team, while it persisted to introduce excellent production and technical personnel nationwide, to reserve talents for the sustainable development of enterprise.

04 Facing the Future, Casting Brilliance Fujian province carburetor Co., Ltd.

As an important component of motorcycle, carburetor industry is closely related to the development of motorcycle industry both at home and abroad. With the development of China's economy, increase of people's income, improvement of traffic conditions and the development of small towns, the low and medium displacement motorcycles still have a broad market prospect in China. The enterprises in Japan, Europe and other countries are trying to develop large displacement and high-end motorcycles, so they have little impact on the motorcycle market in our country. At the same time, the demand for low and medium displacement motorcycles will continue to grow in Europe and the United States and other developing countries, which will provide more space for the development of motorcycles and the related supporting industries in China.
Opportunities and challenges coexist. With the intensification of competition, motorcycles and the related carburetor industry will face tremendous adjustment and reorganization. In this regard, Fujian Fuding Youli Carburetor Factory is completely ready and is full of confidence in the future development of the enterprise: the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, with more large-scale and standardized development, Youli will greet a better tomorrow!